How Can You Benefit From CBD?

CBD has so many benefits we’ve stopped counting. It was a staple in mans life throughout history. We are just finding it again through modern science. It helps with Alzheimers, epilepsy, sports medicine, chronic pain, arthritis, and the list of benefits keeps on going. It wont be long before practically everyone has it as a part of their diet to maintain their wellbeing.


Naloxone – The Heroin Epidemic Overdose Drug 2018

Its sad that heroin and opiods have practically ruined the U.S. People were force fed pills and when the supply started running out, they turned to a cheap alternative, heroin. There are natural supplements like kratom that can help ween people off the opiod addiction. Sadly most wont ever find a way out. The majority will eventually overdose and either die or cost tax payers thousands getting saved by naloxone.