Buy CBD Oil With Cryptocurrency

buy cbd oil with cryptocurrency including litecoin, bitcoin bitcoin cash, etherium

We are probably one of only a handful of CBD oil shops that accept cryptocurrency as payment for CBD oil and other CBD products. The crypto market is volatile. But it is an alternative form of payment that we have come to accept. We accept 10 or more different crytpos. We use coin payments which enables us to take payments in crypto. Coinpayments processes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Which allows users of almost all coins to be able to send us payment for CBD oil. We know that cryptos are here to stay and even entire countries have ditched the monetary system to switch to blockchain coins. Its a sign of the times and it lets us experiment and see what works and how we can improve our ecommerce with the use of blockchain payments. Im sure we’ll see 100 more coins introduced in the coming years and probably 1 will be adopted and used by almost all and become the standard. Til then we will work with what we have and make it work.